What is it about this time of year and thieves?

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It's Christmas time for heaven's sake!

Not only thieves at Christmas time, but brazen thieves in broad daylight!

This is happening more and more in Tuscaloosa and West Alabama.

It was just last week that police were asking for help to locate thieves in Walker Co. that wore creepy masks during their crime.

These thefts are happening more and more frequently.

Catalytic Converters are valuable and thieves are well aware of this fact.

Recently, one occurred in Tuscaloosa in the middle of the day.

No shame and no fear.

Do you recognize this woman?

Take a good look below.

From: Facebook/ Tuscaloosa Houses/Mobile Homes/Apartments
From: Facebook/ Tuscaloosa Houses/Mobile Homes/Apartments

That's probably the best photo, blown up a little bit for this story.

Here's the original post on Facebook from yesterday.

If you know this person, call the Tuscaloosa Police Department at 205-349-2121.

This has to stop. This is Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A town I have been proud to live in for many, many years and these things have gotten out of control.

If it's not a Catalytic Converter thief, it's someone stealing from your car, or just stealing the car.

A new warning for Northport residents went out earlier today advising folks (especially women) to be very careful at a gym.

Apparently, thieves target gym parking lots and break in to steal purses that women leave in the car while inside working out.

You can't let your guard down for one minute in this day and age.

Sad, but true.

Thank you Metallica.

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