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You are a full-fledged superstar in Sports and Entertainment. Let's face it, sports is entertainment.

As the nation learned the names of the four schools that would compete for the National Championship, someone was hacking into the private info of Nick Saban.

Well, who knows how it happened but the personal cell phone number of Coach Saban was posted in a few SEC/ACC football chat rooms.

So the coach's phone started blowing up shortly after Alabama, Michigan, Texas and Washington were named to the CFP.

Saban, according to Tide Illustrated,  told the crowd at the Alabama football banquet last night that the callers were very angry.

Alabama did the impossible when they defeated No. 1 Georgia and then moved from 8th to 4th.

The fans in Tallahassee were not happy that Florida St. was left on the outside looking in.

Most of the fans that harassed Coach Saban had Florida area codes, according to Saban.

Not a surprise after the angry words from everyone in the program.

However, Florida St. QB Jordan Travis handled things with lots of class and even wished Jalen Milroe well in a message.


*From Twitter/Brett Greenberg

That was cool for Jordan Travis to say to Millroe after his team was not given a chance to play in the tournament this season.

And no, I'm not gonna post Saban's phone number here.

C'mon man, I can't do that.

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