No, it's not clickbait. It is a true statement. Coach Saban WILL retire, at some point, AFTER this season. Will it be before 2023? Many are saying yes.

Is it a HUGE overreaction? Yes, in my opinion.

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It is trending on twitter in the Southeast.


Coach Saban is done. Saban's dynasty is OVER. Saban will not be in 'Bama in '23.


Before the season started, I heard this being said by several folks with ties to Alabama sports, the kind of people that are "in-the-know".

The first rumor involved Coach Saban winning another championship in 2022, and then walking away on top.

It's no secret that Nick Saban hates the Name-Image-Likeness impact on college football at this time.

He doesn't like the way it's being used to recruit players. He doesn't like the way it has very few rules across the NCAA.

He doesn't like, well, two words. OIL MONEY.

As in, we don't have any in Alabama.

While all of that is true, I don't know if I believe that Coach Saban's plan was to walk away after a championship.

I do know ONE thing.

There's not a CHANCE Nick Saban quits after this season.

Coach Saban LOVES his job. He loves the challenge of putting together a staff and building a championship team.

He has frequently talked about his lack of outside things he wants to do before he dies.

Coaching football.

That is what Nick Saban lives to do.

I would bet the little that I have on the fact that he will never go out after a season like this.

Which, by the way, I don't believe is a 100% lost cause.

LOTS of things can happen before December.

One thing that will not happen after this season?

Anyone other than Nick Saban coaching Alabama football in 2023.

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