If Coach Nick Saban says he is the best player in the country

I am inclined to agree.

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After all, Coach Saban just might know what he is doing. Seven national championships. Yeah, I would say so.

The player he is talking about?

Kiyaunta Goodwin, Rivals 100 Offensive Tackle, ranked second in the state.

It was a fantastic weekend for recruits to visit Tuscaloosa. Homecoming parade, the bonfire and victory cigars with celebrity Kid Rock in town.

Goodwin was asked by several, what was his favorite thing about the visit? Well, it was going to Coach Saban's house for dinner.

No word on whether or not Miss Terry was the cook. I have heard from several recruits dads that the visit to Coach Saban's office is overwhelming.

You are sitting there staring at all those Championships, and it definitely has an impact. That was according to Bryce Young's dad.

I say use whatever works.

Now, the attention turns to Arch Manning.

The top, most talked-about recruit. Is he as good as the hype? Time will tell.

Rumor has it, Arch has visited twice. One of only two schools to get a double visit from Arch Manning and The Mannings.

I just realized how much that sounds like a traveling Southern Gospel band.

If Homecoming 2021 didn't put most of these recruits over the top, we were never gonna get them anyway.

It's not as if Coach Saban has had a rough time convincing the top players in the country to come to Tuscaloosa.

Let's hope that never changes.


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