Every year, the start of January brings new laws to the state of Alabama, as well as the nation.

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Last year, it was a new law related to the vaccine for Covid-19.

This time, it's a strange bill that allows law enforcement to easily obtain a warrant for a "wiretap" on your digital devices.

What about guns? The biggest news, of late, is the development allowing you to carry a gun without having to have a permit to conceal and carry.

Lots of law enforcement departments have been opposed to this change, and understandably so.

Back to this NEW "wiretap" law in Alabama for a moment.

Why is this necessary in the state of Alabama?

On paper, it is supposed to be to catch drug traffickers. OK, that's a good thing but sometimes things like this turn into an excuse to "tap" anyone and anything.

It is known as Alabama bill HB-17, The Bill Clardy act.

There is also new laws related to folks who sell things online in Alabama (everyone I know has some kind of online biz) that you should check out.

There are also new laws related to the sale of tobacco products (probably vaping), requirements to receive unemployment benefits and the big one, or two, involving guns.

The biggest? The bill (HB272) that deals with having a firearm in your vehicle, without having a permit.

And, HB513, that "revises the definition of a shotgun". OK, that sounds interesting.

You can read the details on this new law HERE.

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