Living in Alabama has many, many wonderful benefits. You know it’s true. 

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However, living in 'Bama also comes with a few drawbacks and some evil critters due to the humid climate.

There's nothing we can do about it. I have been told that this DEADLY creature is also just part of life in the deep south of Alabama.

This deadly annoyance is now here and extremely active here in Alabama as summer begins.

When you add in storms, as we have seen of late, we can just forget about it.

You see, the deadliest creature on this planet could also be very dangerous to our personal health.

Alabama is the home to around 60 different species of mosquitos and guess what the worst part is...


You, me, and the rest of us are a definite food source for these little....umm....well, you know.

These deadly creatures will also try to feed on our pets if they can get to them.

According to the experts in pest control, Burnum-Haun, the Alabama mosquito season begins in March each year.

It typically runs through Late September/Early October.

Alabama gives them the warm temps and moist, humid air that they absolutely love.


That is really hard to believe. However, it is absolutely true.

That huge number makes them the deadliest creature on this planet.

What comes in #2?

Human beings. Humans kill around 400,000 other humans each year.

This is very interesting. Ten facts about mosquitos, the world's deadliest animal can be found RIGHT HERE.

Multiple deadly diseases are carried via the mosquito, like malaria, west nile virus, zika, and yellow fever.

Alabama has a good handle on these deadly diseases with only a few deaths last year. However, our neighbors in Georgia are much higher up on the list of folks infected.

I would make a call to the experts at Burnum-Haun and get your home/yard treated with their mosquito-killing system.

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