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Alabama is being talked about on Fox News, CNN, and NBC's Today Show.

What is it all about?

It all comes back to a jewelry store in Gardendale, Alabama.

Heather Denise Wright tried to hold up a jewelry store but it did not end like she hoped it would.

It ended with Wright begging for her life.

Wright, 32, announced her robbery attempt by shouting "Happy Holidays, I don't want to hurt y'all, but I am," according to the owner Jeff Dennis in an interview with

Heather Wright is from Nauvoo, Alabama, and allegedly wore a face mask during the robbery attempt.

The jewelry store owner defended his property and employees with his loaded weapon.

He had every right to defend his business and his worker's lives.

This could have gone another way and somebody could have been killed in his store.

After shouting "Happy Holidays" to the employees in the store, Wright sprayed bear spray, and that's when the owner shot her.

According to, the store owner shot her in the shoulder and that's when she yelled for him to stop because she didn't want to die.

The owner claimed he shot her after she sprayed the bear spray because he didn't know what to expect next.

Good for the store owner. People deserve the right to defend themselves from a robber/thief seeking to do them harm.

No charges have been filed against the store owner and warrants against the robber are pending the investigation.

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