You stupid, monkey-licking hemorrhoid that took MY money in Northport, Alabama yesterday.

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Have you ever considered working for a living?

No, you prefer stealing money from those of us that bother to go to work every day.

You spend your time stealing and being a sickening, snot-flicking imbecile.

Mud And Mischief Abound At Annual Summer Redneck Games
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If you can't tell, I am really a bit angry.

Forget that, I'm mad as hell and I do not want to take it anymore!


For the second time in my life, I experienced theft of my credit card information.

The first time, I had dinner at O'Charleys, and later around 3 am, my phone started blowing up with notifications.

I sat there watching as transaction after transaction drained nearly EVERY dollar out of my bank account.

I was in shock and numb with a feeling of truly being violated.

However, I got lucky due to the fact that it was the middle of the night. I called the number that showed up on each bank transaction and had them canceled.

I got all my money back in one day.

Police later told me that a group of "busboys" from local restaurants had been stealing customers' credit cards and using them to drain hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I had dinner and a dessert at a couple of places and that was the last transaction I made on my account.

Yesterday afternoon, I get a balance notification (I am set up to get notified of ANY transaction) and a BUNCH of my money was gone.

GONE. I called the bank, and you guessed it, again the transactions were at 2:47 am. I don't know why my bank notifications didn't alert me at that time. By this point, the thieves already had my money.

The ugly, boot-licking maggots had my money. Money that I WORKED FOR and they did not.


Now, the burden is on me. I have to cancel my cards and wait "7-10 business days" for a new card.

I have to mail a letter (yes, mail a letter, WHO DOES THAT?) and "dispute" all of the transactions. Of course, they do an investigation and maybe in 90 days I will get my money back.

So, the little, lazy, pathetic, waste of flesh jerk-wagons get my money and I get months of aggravation.

East Dublin, Georgia Hosts Annual "Redneck Games"
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On behalf of all of us that have been ROBBED by these horrible, glue-sniffing oxygen thieves......


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