I don't like the self-checkout scanners in every store these days.

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I always have trouble and they don't make it easy to use it and leave the store.

Well, a city council member from Alabama has been arrested at Walmart for theft at the self-checkout.

According to the US Sun, Devyn Keith, from Huntsville, used the "skip scanning" method to steal $331 in products.

It seems that Walmart Loss Prevention has a way to check every purchase a customer has made via "self-checkout" and review the video footage.

That's how they busted this city councilman after watching him the last few times he was in the Walmart location in question.

What is "skip-scanning"? I don't really know but apparently it has something to do with avoiding the scanner as you are checking out.

Mr. Keith had been in Walmart returning an item, when he was approached by the loss prevention team.

They told him they needed to talk to him in an office and then preceded to use his credit card to review all of his recent trips to Walmart, according to the police report.

The staff reviewed his purchases via video and noticed that the suspect had stolen items from three Walmart stores during every self-checkout session.

He was then arrested and charged with fourth-degree theft.

Devyn has released statements praising the Walmart staff and asking his supporters to forgive his theft incidents.

Mr. Keith even addressed the issue at a city council meeting, according to WHNT.

Another reason why I prefer Walmart hire MORE cashiers, instead of making us use machines to pay for our items.


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