Doesn't anybody stay together anymore?

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D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today.

Many songs have been written about the topic of splitting up.

Breaking up or whatever you prefer to call it.

It seems pretty easy to get a divorce in this day and age.


Is it because you caught your spouse cheating on you?

Nothing hurts more than that revelation.

It truly takes your breath away.

I know. I have lived through it.

You probably have or you know someone who has been through it.

Why is Alabama one of the TOP states for divorces in the USA?

What is it about the sweet southern Alabama life that ruins our relationships?

According to the data collectors at 247wallst and Formrush, these are the top 5 states for divorce in the United States.

5. Arkansas  3.6 divorce rate

4. Alabama  3.6 divorce rate

3. Wyoming  3.7 divorce rate

2. Oklahoma  3.8 divorce rate

1. Nevada  4.2 divorce rate


Alabama, while ranked 4th, is ONLY tenths of a point away from being ranked #1.

Now, according to Formrush, this is how they compiled this data:

Formrush looked at CDC and Statista data to determine divorce rates across 45 states. It then looked at the figures on a per 1,000 basis. There was no detectable pattern. The analysis threw in cost of living, education, and age. However, none of these was valuable in the outcome, in so far as the study showed.


Even the folks doing this study admitted, "There was no detectable pattern".

What do our Alabama families need more of to stay together?

Personally, I think marriages have a MUCH better chance of success if God is in the middle of their relationship.

With these new numbers, it certainly can't hurt.

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