Have you heard of playing?

I'm pretty sure kids still do it these days...at least the ones in Alabama do.

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Nevertheless, a 6-year-old in Jefferson County was taken out of school this month for this terrifying action of play. He and a friend were playing cops and robbers, making their hands into finger guns and shooting at each other.

A Journey Through Hallowed Ground

A pretty normal interaction for kids I would think.

The school thought differently though. They called the boy's dad, Jerrod Belcher, and told him to come get his son because he had been suspended with a class 3 violation.

This is the same violation given to students who bring WEAPONS TO SCHOOL.

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We Can't Play Too Hard

That is obviously not the same. And Jerrod Belcher thought so too. He talked to WBRC, recounting the conversation he had with the school.

"Did he threaten anyone?" Belcher asked.
"Was there any violence?"
"Was there any indication of a current or future threat."
"Well...it sounds like two students playing." said Belcher.

"It was," Belcher recounted the school saying, "but in this climate, this day and age, we have to take all incidents very seriously."

Belcher hired an attorney to argue the case, and the school has since dropped the incident down to a level 2 infraction. But Belcher's attorney told Fox News that he believes this is "too little, too late."

Courtesy of Canva.com
Courtesy of Canva.com

The Dangerous Finger Gun

"They labeled my six-year-old as a potentially violent and dangerous student," Belcher told Fox News. "Because he was being a little boy and playing cops and robbers."

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