Have you noticed this billboard on Lurleen B Wallace Boulevard?

I am “the” friend that pays attention to billboards. Even as a kid, I would be the one in the back seat reading the billboards out loud. My parents, who are deaf, probably thought I was back there talking to myself. I guess that set me up for a future in radio.

In getting errands done the other day, I was driving down Lurleen B Wallace Boulevard, and this billboard stood out to me. I have no idea how long it has been up. It just simply says, “See the Good.” I had to pull over and further investigate.

Do you believe in signs? I do. What does this billboard mean to me? To the rest of us? The person who put it up, what message are they trying to get Alabamians to receive? So! Many! Questions!

“See the Good”

I like to try to “see the good” in people. Man, is that a hard task. It sounds easy in theory, but it’s not. So often, I’m let down by others. However, I think it’s MY expectation of others. It isn’t easy to see the good in some people when they are downright not good people.

I’m not sure what this billboard was meant to create, but it has stirred up my own self-reflection. Then I got to thinking that maybe this billboard was for ME to “see the good” in myself. I find that, in general, people are really hard on themselves, myself included. I’m going to try my very best to treat MYSELF with more kindness. “See the Good” in my life, situations, self-love, and happiness.

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Regardless of this billboard's intent, it sure enters a phase of my life that I shall label “think differently.”

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