Incredible, INTENSE video of a life-saving police officer near Birmingham.

This video never got the attention it deserved when it happened.

If not for the quick-thinking officer, this baby could be gone.

Bodycam video from JCSO follows below:



Wow. So much is said about police officers that is just not true.


OF COURSE, there will always be people in any group who are bad people. If you are waiting for the end of all evil, it will not happen in your lifetime.

ONLY when Jesus comes back, IMO.

These things happen every day in cities all over America. Hero officers come to the rescue of others while putting their own lives on the line.

The girl in the video is a 1-year-old who was simply unresponsive.

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It appears she ingested the powerful narcotic drug, FENTANYL. That drug claims many, many lives all over the world.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's office said the mother of the child, Jeanette Bell, 31, was charged with the chemical endangerment of a child. This Alabama deputy was called to the scene after the infant was not responsive.

The deputy uses the drug Narcan, which helps reverse the effects of opiates on the brain. The mother admitted that the child had gotten into her drug paraphernalia and the rest is what you see on the video.


Just yesterday a 4-year-old picked up a loaded gun in his home and is now dead. We have to be better than this as human beings.


I shouldn't have to say that about Fentanyl or guns.


Thank GOD for this hero police officer. I have not seen the officer identified as of now.

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