A popular Tuscaloosa store is getting lots of attention for the way they handle shoplifters in their store.

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I don't recall ever, in my 47 years, seeing a retailer do anything like this in the actual business.

Other than the mini newspaper I see in Tuscaloosa/West Alabama gas stations, with mugshots of folks arrested in the last few weeks.

Usually, you don't see it posted in this way, designed to shame or catch shoplifters in their business.


Now, everything looks like this in stores.

Walgreens To Close Five San Francisco Locations After Rampant Shoplifting
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Thanks thieves.

While we're on the subject, I have included the "Top 10 Funniest Thefts Caught On Camera".

The Tuscaloosa consignment shop, Twice As Nice, has recent shoplifters printed photos all around the store, as you shop.

Photo: Bethany Wilhelm/DC Daniel Townsquare Media
Photo: Bethany Wilhelm/DC Daniel Townsquare Media
Photo: Bethany Wilhelm/DC Daniel Townsquare Media
Photo: Bethany Wilhelm/DC Daniel Townsquare Media

Several of the photos are a request of customers to look and see if they know any of the individuals in the pictures.

Can you imagine shopping and seeing your spouse in the shoplifting photos? Or mother? Or daughter?

It would be pretty hard to weasel out of that situation.

It is one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. 


Shoplifting has been a controversial topic of late.

Some national chains have reportedly told employees NOT to confront shoplifters.

In fact, Best Buy actually fired an employee for busting a shoplifter and chasing him down in the store parking lot. The thief had over $500 of store merchandise.

Check out this video of a 67 year-old employee going after a 28 year-old shoplifter and then being FIRED for doing the right thing.

This is only a couple of examples of this happening to employees that were raised the right way and doing the right thing.

I think the MANAGERS/CORPORATE EXECS should be fired for punishing people that actually give a damn about their job/company!

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