They are called Red Paper Wasps according to several sources.

How serious are red wasps? These wasp stings are usually painful!

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In some cases, their venom may provoke a serious allergic reaction.

Photo: DC/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

*A fallen wasp in our tech center

No thank you.

A Tuscaloosa company, known as Townsquare Media of Tuscaloosa, is the victim of this invasion.

According to Orkin, if they infest in populated areas, it is typically on a rooftop or Heating/Cooling system.

attachment-IMG_1432 bee 2
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

*Another fallen wasp in the tech center

The potential allergic reaction is the scariest part of these nuisance red paper wasps in Alabama.

As a small boy, I ended up unknowingly disturbing a hornets nest. That didn't end well for yours truly.

Over 50 stings on my 7 year-old body and now I face a lifetime of carrying an EpiPen.

Photo: DC/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

*A fallen wasp in our 101.7 FM studio on the carpet

The frightening part of this story for me (and several others) is that I happen to work in this building on Skyland Boulevard which is the home of Townsquare Media of Tuscaloosa.

A fantastic media company with the TOP media brands in West Alabama.

WTUG-FM (92.9), WFFN-FM (95.3), WTID-FM (100.9), WQRR-FM (101.7), WTBC-AM/FM (100.1), WTUG-HD2 (97.5), WALJ-FM (105.1) and WTSK-AM/FM (93.3).

In addition, the #1 news source in Tuscaloosa, "The Tuscaloosa Thread", and their fine group of news-breaking journalists are also in the building.

Some folks might not be bothered at all by an invasion of red paper wasps, however I AM! I really would prefer NOT to have to come to work in a beekeeper suit.

Australian Apiarists Work To Increase Bee Populations As Habitat Loss And Climate Events Threaten Future Of Vital Pollinators
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I love the south.

I'm well aware that living in the deep south means lots and lots of critters that fly and crawl.

What about you? Has your place of work or home been under attack from anything with a stinger?

Let me know.

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