I bet you wonder which restaurant, huh?

Before I reveal the offending, horrible place, I am very fair.

The other issue, is that the place has two Tuscaloosa locations. One, I have never been inside. I gave the other location a few chances.

I'm convinced after talking to several other Tuscaloosa natives, there is no hope.

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This has also taught me how many lies you can find online. One of these reviews calls it the best ever?!?!

After my personal, one on one interviews, with people all over Tuscaloosa, it isn't possible.

Ok, my nomination for the absolute, bar-none WORST restaurant in Tuscaloosa is......Hideous


Image from Google Maps 2021
Image from Google Maps 2021

It should be shut down if they are gonna behave this way in 2021. Heck, in any year! Each time, it was as if the staff was angry that a customer entered the place.

I felt like I had ruined the good time they were having doing nothing. I probably felt that way because of the glares, huffing and puffing and the other ways they made it clear I was a bother.



If the Captain was alive he would change his name out of embarrassment!

I was told by some folks I talked to around town, that the order they placed was at 1:00 pm. They finally were served at 2:00 pm.

You have got to be kidding. The staff kept telling these people "it's coming"!

They asked for a refund, the manager did not want to do that. Once he finally did, he slammed the money on the table and just grunted.



I know my food tasted like it expired the last time Tennessee beat Alabama!


Last thing, one lady said she was shocked at how rude one of the crew members behaved.

After ten minutes of insane behavior, she asked for the manager. The rude girl, that was causing all the trouble said "Oh, I'm the manager"! Yeah, enough said.

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