My pumpkin patch partner and best friend had an interesting run-in with a pull cord, weed eater and Taylor Swift's new song 'Shake It Off'.

I'd heard stories of a magical machine that looked like a weed eater with wheels that no longer existed. Imagine my surprise when several weeks later, I found one on an end cap at a hardware store.

After arriving at the patch later that day with my new purchase, I wasted a considerable amount of time assembling this magical machine of sorcery:

After adding the oil, gasoline and priming the engine, I gave a meaningful yank on the pull cord and the recoil put me in the dirt. Tammy turned around in time to see me scrambling up from the dirt and said, "Umm...I don't know what just happened, but this isn't the time for games.'

I explained I was having some issues with the beast, and asked her to help me crank it. She'd blown through her glycogen stores trying by the time I started filming, and there was some concern she would disable my weed eater beyond what the manufacturers warranty covered,  but Tammy managed to follow Taylor Swift's advice blasting on the radio in the background and 'Shake It Off'.



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