Yep. After being a blonde my entire life, I decided to completely change my look and opt instead for a dark brown. There were lots of reasons, but the main one was my hair needed a 'reset'.

Back in September, I'd asked my stylist of 15 years, Katie Kunkle, to lighten my hair to match the photograph I'd brought in. She did exactly what I'd asked but I wasn't as excited with the look as I'd hoped.

Each subsequent visit to the salon was beginning to take a toll on my hair and it was beginning to look dry and brittle.

The day before my hair appointment on Thursday, I decided that I wouldn't just go back to my natural color. I would go several steps past it and I LOVE IT.

I love the color and the texture and I love the way the darker color makes me look like I'm actually breathing. It's also fun seeing the shocked faces of friends and unless they're really good liars, they like the change (except Perry). I think they're just surprised to discover they do.

That's okay. I know my new look will take some getting used to just as I'm sure one day I'll want to go back to my blonde days.

But right now, I'm having way more fun as a brunette.

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