UPDATE: THE BEST DAY EVER. This is an open letter response to Kimberly Madison's open letter confession to me this morning. When the word "confession" is heard many may be assailed with thoughts of small booths where one must tell all to a Roman Catholic priest. Not in this case.



Just to be clear, I know that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. Isolation is bondage. The purpose of a confession is to bring life, hope, healing, and freedom. I hope you feel free.

I appreciate your willingness to come clean about the hotdogs. I appreciate your willingness to involve your friends and encourage them to cross over to your dark side. (Travis)

Yes, I waited on them for a long time for lunch yesterday. Yes, I informed the ENTIRE building that we were getting Bryant- Denny Stadium Hotdogs for lunch. And yes, I am wounded. You must know it will be very hard for me (or anyone in this building) to trust your words again.

While you were bold to "let the cat out of the bag" Just know that I am still hungry and revenge will be sweet. Sleep with one eye open. Everything from this point forward is a LIE.

Thanks a lot,


Just for fun, please listen again to my excitement the day the LIE began.




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