I'm thinking the greenest thumb between us will not belong to Scott Shepherd because his looks closer to black.

Tree House Farm & Nursery gave us each a plant and a challenge to see who could keep theirs flourishing the longest.

This is what Scott's plant looks like today:


Which is better than what his victim looked like yesterday:


This morning, I urged him to give the plant some water and the leaves perked up almost immediately. When I pointed out how quickly the flowers responded to moisture, Scott's response was, 'Yeah. Water keeps things alive.'

I work with a modern-day Socrates.

My plant fared a little better over the weekend. Friday evening, I was unloading my car in anticipation of a monster trip to Walmart later that weekend and stuck the petunias in the garage. I completely forgot about them until I came across Wormy the Watering Worm which is made of clay that costs less than a buck and lets me know when my flowers need water.

This is what my plant looked like yesterday evening:


Last night, I brought them inside in anticipation of the cold temperatures so this morning, Petunia and Wormy are kicking it on top of the fridge.







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