Here comes ANOTHER one of those " Surveys ". This comes from PLAYMICHIGAN.COM.

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To determine the rowdiest fans, they surveyed more than 2,000 NCAA football fans across the country and asked them to rate the behavior of every fan base in each of the Power Five conferences (SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC) along with independent teams.
And HERE is the Top 10 of the nations WORST BEHAVED COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS:
Getty Images
Getty Images
1. Alabama-
WORST BEHAVIOR: Arrogant/Think they're better.
( Well ain't arrogance if it's true )
Ohio State logo
Ohio State University
2. Ohio State: Yell at other fans
( just plain RUDE imo )
Mississippi State v LSU
Getty Images
3. LSU: Yell at other fans
( see Ohio State )
Tennessee v Missouri
Getty Images
4. Tennessee: Throw trash onto the field
( hard to tell the difference between the trash and the team )
Where are our seniors going? Out of state – Pine Whispers
5. Florida: Get too drunk
( if there was a way to make Florida fans any more annoying-- that's it )
FSU Interlocking FS Logo Decal
6. Florida State: Get too drunk
( at least they excel at SOMETHING )
Wedox Asu Blog: Know Your Foe - Michigan State 2010
7. Michigan: Yell at other fans
( must be all that lead in the water supply )
Texas A&M's Calzada, Smith Earn Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award Honors
8. Texas A&M: Use foul language
( to be fair- they are just singing the Aggie War Hymn )
Arizona State Sun Devils | American Football Wiki | Fandom
9. Arizona State: Get too drunk
( wouldn't you ? )
10. Notre Dame: Arrogant/ Think they are better
( I figured they would GET TOO DRUNK as well )
Auburn announces 2020 SEC basketball schedule | CBS 42
(Dis) Honorable mention
16. Auburn: Arrogant/ Think they are better
( huh? )

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