For those who don't know me, I am 100% a dog person. I love cats don't get me wrong, but I learned quickly that dogs are my preferred house pet.

I mean I'm not the only one who sees all those little puppy videos everywhere on social media and has their heart just melt. Golden lab pups are an easy way for me to magically somehow have treats from nowhere.

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So imagine my surprise when I was scrolling Facebook to see this photo pop up on my feed:

Photo courtesy of Caroline Mckinzey Wright
Photo courtesy of Caroline McKinzey Wright

Ok, so my first thought is obviously THIS IS SO ADORABLE MY GOODNESS. Second off, that little princess you see holding the pup is Lydia! The dog's name is Oreo, which let's also completely transparent, is a perfect name.

My immediate thought was of course, "Aww she got a cute little stuffed animal for Valentine's Day! That dog is going to be with her everywhere isn't it?"

So imagine my surprise when it turns out that the dog in question is actually a living, breathing animal.

Yes, that dog is actually real. There's no way I'm the only one here who thinks that dog is a stuffed animal right?

I mean just look at the photo, to begin with. The dog is perfectly still, and I mean so perfectly still. Second off, it's looking right straight at the camera.

Third, its pose is too perfect. Everything just makes me think this dog is a stuffed animal I swear. How it's real I still can't fathom.

How is this dog actually real? I've officially lost it haven't I...

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