It is that time of year. All of the year-end lists are coming out this week.

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Now, the biggest website known for catering to "adult" desires has released their list.

The interesting thing is how ALABAMA has managed to vault itself all the way to #1, in one very important area of the metrics.

And, it's not just any list. It's a state-by-state look at what adults are into online in 2022.

Because of the content found on this list, I can't share it with you but I can provide a link if you want to examine it on your own time.

Nationwide, the top 3 MOST-SEARCHED terms of 2022 in the USA?

  1. Lesbian.
  2. Hentai
  3. Ebony

Checking the stats from state-to-state, we find that folks in Alaska are into "breast expansion", South Carolina residents REALLY love grannies and Illinois prefers some "dirty talk".

Which countries worldwide use the adult site the most?

I'm proud to be an American!



#1 is the United States of America

#2 is the United Kingdom

#3 is France


What is the #1 term searched for on the site? BBW, AKA Big Beautiful Woman.

That's a good thing, it appears to me.

The biggest thing that these sites, and really ALL websites look for is how much time people spend on their site.

YES, take a guess which state came in #1 in the category of duration of each visit on the adult site.

You got it!


We're #1! Yes, we are.

The states that spend the most time per visit are:

  1. Alabama-11 minutes, 22 seconds
  2. Louisiana-11 minutes, 9 seconds
  3. South Carolina-11 minutes, 5 seconds

What's the most disturbing thing in all of this data?

The day of the week that is most-popular to visit the adult site?


C'mon man.

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