It's called the "Walmart Neighborhood Market," and it's being built on McFarland at the former Kmart site.  I don't know about you but I kinda miss those Kmart buggies that always sat outside and had wobbly wheels.  Call me crazy but I enjoyed the train noise that the ole wobbly wheel created cause it made me feel like a conductor while strolling thru the sports section.

The exterior of Walmart is now complete and Walmart announced today it will take possession of the store on Aug. 1.  It will take about 30 days to stock those shelves with the goodies we want for 96 cents.  An official ribbon-cutting at the supermarket is planned for Aug. 31, 2016.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market will bring a minimum of 100 "direct jobs" to Northport, as well as many "indirect jobs," for people such as landscapers, not directly employed by the store.  The plan includes the addition of Great Clips who opened earlier this month.

Personally, I hope Walmart will deliberately spill weed killer daily, on the floors in the garden center.  Call me crazy, but I wish for the same wonderful smell the old Northport K-mart gave us all for many years. (kinda a mix of weed killer, old christmas trees, and fertilizer that could sting the eyes and open the sinuses)

Wild Bill Fun Fact: Today, WB is actually wearing the VERY LAST XL shirt sold by Kmart in Northport, AL in 2015.

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