"The cracking sounds of the Tuscaloosa Red Lobster table gave way to the CROWD going crazy as Steve Shannon popped right up without missing a beat to the song.  Wild Bill kept singing and the First Responders in attendance turned on their flashlight and swung them overhead in admiration" says a man that used to work at Rolling Stone Magazine.

95.3 The Bear saluted Tuscaloosa area FIRST RESPONDERS today at Red Lobster on McFarland Blvd and things got crazy.  Steve Shannon started dancing on a table while Wild Bill played the guitar as guests tossed cheddar biscuits as tips.

During the second song called “He aint heavy, he’s my brother” the table collapsed spilling Steve to the ground.  Steve popped up quickly and the song continued.  As with any event there are 2 sides to this story and Tuscaloosa Police and Reb Lobster management have yet to make a comment.  Listen for more updates of today’s “table dancing gone bad” on 95.3 The Bear!

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It’s being called “Table Dancing Gone Bad” by Tuscaloosa Police and those who witnessed the TABLE COLLAPSE at Red Lobster today. Steve Shannon said, “Hey the ladies were throwing ceddar biscuits and baby I was shaking my money-maker saluting all First Responders, we did it for THEM!”
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