I know that sounds ridiculous but it did happen to a customer recently.

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How many times have you ordered fries and found a couple of crispy, burnt pieces on the bottom of the bag?

It's happened to me a few times through the years.

Thankfully, it was nothing more than a burnt piece of potato on the bottom of the bag.

In this case, the customer was shocked after looking closer and discovering that it seemed to be a part of the human body.

Below, you can read her firsthand account of exactly what happened at a Northport, Alabama fast-food restaurant.

*From Facebook / Tara Porter

A couple of things strike me about this post above...

1. The management did not seem to care when they were informed of the situation.

2. How does a "tooth" get in a box of french fries?


What do you guys think?

What does it look like to you?

After many minutes of blowing it up on my iPhone, it does look like a tooth to me.

You never know because of the occasional "scam" with someone planting something in the food.

Those folks usually get busted and that's that.

In this case, I'm curious to see if the corporate folks respond to this situation.

Have you ever discovered anything in your food?

You know, that was NOT meant to be there!

My brother once found a large bug (I don't even want to name it) in a can of chili purchased at the grocery store.

Once again, the company did very little in that case.

Enjoy your meal!

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