There is good news for Tuscaloosa with the holidays just around the corner.

The team at Grace Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa announced that the new food pantry opened in early October of this year.

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Not only is the food pantry new to the area, but so is the concept.

The Table Of Grace food pantry is what leaders at the church call a "client choice market-style" food pantry for West Alabama.

The concept is similar to any store or grocery outlet layout in the area.

A bold concept for a food pantry and a welcome new way of helping those in need.

Grace Presbyterian staffers hope the pantry design will offer more dignity and respect for those in need.

According to the church, the choices will vary month to month based on the food availability at the West Alabama Food Bank and from incoming donations.

The Table Of Grace pantry is a reinvention of the previously known "Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry" with expanded space.

Table Of Grace is a mission of Grace Presbyterian Church modeled after a Bible scripture in the book of Matthew emphasizing the importance of giving strangers food, and drink and making them feel welcome.

For more information on the new Table Of Grace food pantry go to the website

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