August 5th, 2014

SPECIAL STATEMENT: The demand for our weekly Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery has gotten HUGE so listen this Friday for a few slight changes in the way we choose our winner.  All you have to do is continue spending your mornings with Madison and Shepherd keeping updated with the Morning Minute.

WEATHER:  Partly cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms. 93/73

LOCAL:  Tracey Grissom murder trial underway.

STATE: Alabama felon wanted for Child Pornography could be in Florida.

NATIONAL: New York hospital testing West-African man for Ebola virus. 

SPORTS: Lane Kiffin thinks nothing matters before 'Bama.

TECHNOLOGY:  Space probe on track to meet comet.

ENTERTAINMENT: Did John Voight ruin his chance for an Emmy after slamming Penelope Cruz for signing an anti-Israel letter? 

MUSIC: Jason Aldean most downloaded male music artist in history.

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