I am all about saving time and money, so if there's something I can do to net me a few extra minutes of sleep or a few more bucks in my checking account--you'd better believe I'm gonna do it. I'm sharing the love today--here are my favorite life hacks with y'all! If you've got a go-to lifehack, share it with me! Post it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter!

Let's do this, y'all.

Household Tips and Tricks

  1. Need to scrub a surface clean? Mix blue Dawn dishwashing soap with baking soda until you have a loose paste. Apply it to the surface you want to clean--the baking soda will help to scrub away stains as the Dawn helps break down any grease or grime. For especially tough messes, apply the paste and scrub for a few minutes and then use a spray bottle to spritz vinegar to the paste. The fizzy chemical reaction works wonders--it's how I clean my oven!
  2. Swiffer pads aren't just for the floor! I use regular Swiffer pads to dust furniture, clean picture frames, or dust the ceiling fan.
  3. Have company coming over and want to freshen up the house? Place a few orange peels and cinnamon sticks in some water in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer. I've also tried this with vanilla--I pour vanilla extract into a oven-safe dish and place it in my oven (which I've set to warm).
  4. Cutting onions or garlic and afraid your hands will stink? I rub lemon juice on my hands to help remove the scent-- and if I don't have any lemons, I'll rub my hands on a stainless steel ladle. I don't know exactly how steel works, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than spending your money on a steel "bar of soap."
  5. Seeing pilling on your sheets or fave sweater? Use an eyebrow razor to shave them off!

Family Tips

  1. I know you haaaate it when your kids get sick. It's important to make sure your kiddos take their prescribed antibiotics or other meds on a regular schedule. I keep a permanent marker next to the bottle; I make a small grid on the bottle and check off each dose. For as-needed meds like Tylenol, I write down the time I gave my daughter her med.
  2. For infants, try this trick: cut a hole in the end of a pacifier just big enough for a medicine dropper to pass through. Give your baby the "paci" when you need to give him medicine.
  3. Baby wipes aren't just for baby bums! I use wipes to clean dirty mouths or hands... and they also come in handy for spot-cleaning around the house. I've quick-cleaned many a spill on the floor with baby wipes. They're true MVPs.
  4. Spill-proof any cup by placing Press-N-Seal wrap over the top. Poke a straw through, and you're good to go!
  5. If your kids are slacking on their chores, try changing the wireless password... and not giving it to them until the chores are done!
  6. Save those baby food containers! They can be reused in so many ways. I've used them to bring dressing for my lunch salad... pack travel-size amounts of shampoo or face wash for family road trips... and when my daughter was still a baby, I'd use one to store an extra pacifier in my purse. You can use these bad boys for anything!

Beauty and Wellness

When my favorite mascara is almost out, I have found a way to make it last a bit longer. I add in a little bit of moisturizing eye drops and give the tube a shake--and then I get about two more weeks of use!

  1. Working to wing out your eyeliner? Use a spoon as a guide, or place a bit of tape on the corner of your eye. When you remove it, you'll have a perfect line!
  2. Make your eyeshadow pop by applying a white base first. I use a jumbo eye pencil from NYX and pat the color over my lids. The result is shadows that stay longer and look brighter.
  3. Speaking of bright eyes, try tightlining the bottom of your eyes with white or flesh-toned liner. Your eyes will look bigger and you'll appear much more awake--and look a little younger, too!
  4. Rough skin? Mix a little epsom salt in with your shower gel to exfoliate in the shower.
  5. Give your hair a cheap and effective deep conditioning. Slather some coconut or olive oil on your strands. Let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour before washing it out.
  6. Get more for your money. If it comes in a tube, I cut it open to scrape out every last bit... primer, face wash, you name it!


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