I have heard stories about great haunted attractions in Atlanta, Tampa, St. Louis, and a famous Las Vegas haunted/torture deal.

You can see some of that insanity below.

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The Horror of Tuscaloosa is truly a major-league haunted attraction that you would expect to be in a much larger city.

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However, it is located in Cottondale, Alabama. Yes, it's HERE in the Tuscaloosa area and it is fantastic.


Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa
Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa

Do serial killers scare you?

Is it ghosts or shadow people that get you?

What about the supernatural and evil demons?

It's different for everyone.

Courtesy of The Horror Tuscaloosa
Courtesy of The Horror Tuscaloosa

The Horror Tuscaloosa is a multi-themed 47-room haunted attraction located in Cottondale, Alabama.


Think about that for a moment. 47 ROOMS! 

Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa
Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa

How many? Yeah, I said FORTY SEVEN DANG ROOMS.

That is not the norm and definite proof that you get your money's worth.

Recent reports make it clear that tons of Alabamians are discovering The Horror Tuscaloosa and you may have to wait in line due to high demand.

It's CRITICAL to get to The Horror Tuscaloosa early in the evening before they sell out.

That's to be expected when the product is superior. In my view, this is the best in Alabama.

Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa

You will not find a better overall haunted attraction in Birmingham, Huntsville, or Mobile.

In more good news, the wait includes great distractions like axe throwing, classic horror movies, and food/drinks!

So, the wait is definitely WORTH IT!

The Horror Tuscaloosa has sections of the haunted house divided into things like a witch-filled swamp, a haunted manor full of bloodthirsty creatures of the night, and a dark maze full of clowns.

“Everybody loves a clown!” states Horror Tuscaloosa Director Cody Minor.  “Patrick Blanchard and I have been doing haunted houses for over 20 years and this is the biggest and best one yet. We have lots of terrifying animatronics, Hollywood movie quality masks, and a casting room of crazies wanting to give the people the best scare experience possible!”

I could not have said it better Cody.

Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa
Photo: The Horror Tuscaloosa

It's always great when Tuscaloosa secures first-rate entertainment options and The Horror Tuscaloosa is definitely the best in the state.

The Horror Tuscaloosa is open from Thursday through the weekend...get TICKETS & MORE HERE.

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