What a great story from Yellowhammer News! Alabama Crimson Tide All-American offensive lineman Wayne Freeman received a personal gift from Coach Bryant nearly 50 years ago. An "A-Club" ring. It was lost in a bathroom bar in Alabama around '67 or '68.

ScreenGrab: YellowhammerNews.com

The Yellowhammer News quotes Freeman as saying:

“It’s a special ring because back when I was playing, you had to get your degree,” Freeman said. “This ring was not from the university, it’s from Coach Bryant personally. That carries a lot more leverage. A lot of guys didn’t ever get a ring.”

And according to Yellowhammer News, a gentleman named Tom Brakefield, a lifelong Alabama fan who lives in Greystone outside of Birmingham is always on the lookout for Crimson Tide collectables. An auction house sent him an email alert that a rare item was coming up for bid.

“I got a notice that they had a ’64 Alabama A-Club ring with a notation of ‘to Wayne Freeman from Paul Bryant,’” Brakefield said.

Tom went to work to get the ring back.  After a little time and much effort, he and some friends presented Mr. Freeman with the lost treasure.

Watch the video and read the entire emotional story at Yellowhammer News