Last week Lane Kiffin was asked if he'll be with the Tide through the playoffs,"Yeah, I hope so." Today Nick Saban has confirmed that Kiffin will stay in Crimson for what we Bama fans hope to be 2 more games.

Last year, it was Kirby Smart and he stayed thru the playoffs so Lane will do the same.  Alabama's offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin today accepted the new head coach job at FAU.  Kiffin will reportedly make about 1 million, that's 400k less than his current salary and 500k more than FAU's previous coach fired after a 3-9 season.

As Alabama Offensive Cordinator Kiffin has lead Bama.....

33.1 Point per game  (1st in SEC)

6.4 yards per play (3rd in SEC)


Lane Kiffin Sugar Bowl

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