Did you know that one of Alabama's most notorious serial killers actually lived in the Druid City?

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I first learned of Jeremy Brian Jones in an episode of the Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries, (I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it yet) and I immediately set off on a journey to learn more about this monster. I admit that I haven't slept well since reading about this man's heinous crimes.

A 'Low Rent Ted Bundy'

Jeremy Bryan Jones currently resides on Death Row at the WC Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, but the cold-blooded killer who has been called a "Low-Rent Ted Bundy" had a brief here tenure in Tuscaloosa.

Jones has confessed to 21 killings in five states over a span of 12 years. A reasonably handsome man, Jones used his good looks to lure his victims into a false sense of security, bragging once that he could "charm the panties off a nun." He raped, tortured, and murdered women between the ages of 16 and 45.

A Life of Violence

Jeremy Brian Jones was born in Miami, Oklahoma in 1973. According to his own confessions, he had already murdered eight people by the time he turned 27. He'd also been charged with multiple counts of rape and battery and fled Oklahoma in an attempt to avoid jailtime.

Jones met a woman in Missouri and charmed her into giving him the social security number and personal information of her incarcerated son. Jones used this information to assume the alias of John Paul Chapman in December of 2000. He then moved to Tuscaloosa where he remained until moving to Georgia in 2003.

A Time for Justice

In 2005, Jones was charged and convicted with four counts of capital murder for the slaying of Lisa Nichols. Jones had raped and murdered her before setting her body on fire in an attempt to cover up his crimes. To this date, Jones has only been charged formally with the murder of Nichols, though he is suspected to have killed many more women.

Knowing Tuscaloosa's connection to this killer kind of creeps me out. You can read more about Jeremy Bryan Jones HERE.

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