Nick Saban, Eii Gold and guest media host Lauren Sisler convened at Baumhower's Victory Grille two days before the SEC title tilt. Here are highlights of what Saban said.

On celebrating wins with Miss Terry

"We always enjoy the time together. We have an enjoyable rjde home and a favorite song we listen to. Sometimes we watch football games... or Netflix.

"We watch some of these shows but I only watch one episode a night. We have to read subtitles because it's a foreign language and Terri says, 'Turn it up.'

"What are we doing here?"

On the training room

"We always like to have a female in there because players will tell them things they would teall their mom. Ginger [Gilmore] handles that. The players trust her."

On what he does for self care during the season

"Sit in my chair. That's about it.

"I know Wednesday night is the only night I get to eat at home. You look forward to that.

"I would not enjoy getting a massage worrying about what we're going to call on third down."

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On Georgia's defensive line

"They're big. They're physical. They strike blockers up front. They've got good linebackers and good speed. This is a good front seven. They have a good scheme.

"You've got to get movement up front."

On the 2023 team

"This is the most improved group we've ever had. This team has went through a total transition and really just became a team over time after the Texas game."

On if this is his best coaching job

"I look at it like you're a teacher. They have a test. How did they do on the test. The key to the drill is getting everybody to apply themselves. I always think I could do a little better.

"The guys on the staff are actually the teachers. They need to get credit."

On when the switch flipped for Jalen Milroe

"It was more like a dimmer than a light switch. He started developing confidence and got comfortable with the offense and started making tood reads. He's always been a fantastic ad-libber.

'He became a point guard. That happened over time."

On Miss Terry

"I need support. When you're the leader of the organization, who can I go talk to? That kind of support is very important."

On coaching against a team with equal talent

"It comes down to who can play with execution. Who comes in with the right mindset.

"I don't dare how big the game is, just keep playing."

On not having anxiety during games

"I lose it once the game start because I'm totally thinking about the next play."

On kickoff returns

"I don't like the idea that you can fair catch a kickoff. If you're more than a yard into the end zone, we don't want you to bring it out."

On playing the accordion growing up

"Wasn't my choice. Grandma Saban made me.  She was from the old country, accordion city.

"I  started playing every sport when I was nine just to get out of playing the accordion."

Saban's Final Word

"This is all about maximizing opportunity. Turn your passion into execution. Have confidence and believe in yourself. Prepare well. Impose your will.

"If our fans out there can help us do that, that's exactly what we need."


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