The Halloween Show started in Romulus, Alabama back in 1989.

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All these years later, it is back! We have seen some crazy things in the years of doing these live broadcasts.

A young teenage girl's eyes turning from brown to bright yellow in front of several witnesses.

A young man, with an evil grin, speaking in a voice that did not sound human.

This year, we planned on being in Cottondale, but the family called at the last minute and were afraid of stirring things up at the house.

So, we had to go with a back up.

One thing we have learned through the years, is how real this really is. These are families, many times, that are truly desperate for a return to normalcy.


Tragically, in 2002, we did the show from a house with a very troubled dad. The next year that father took his own life along with two family members.

We wish that we could have done something to help. We listened to every minute of that broadcast making sure we didn't miss anything.

We couldn't find something to approach differently but it certainly solidified, in our minds, how real evil is.

The show from this year is in five parts.

Now, here is the audio from Halloween '21.

Part 1

OK, NOW get ready for part 2:

Here is Part 3:

Here comes Part 4:

Lastly, Part 5:


We hope you enjoyed it If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to tap that app and fire away!

Thanks again for listening and for all your support!


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