According to the DCH website, the number of inpatients being treated for COVID-19 has more than doubled over the past six days.  DCH reported that there were 34 inpatients with COVID-19 on May 20th, and that there are 74 inpatients with COVID-19 today, May 26th.

DCH posted this information on their website:

"DCH internal counts as of 3:20 p.m. on 5/26/20:

  • 74 inpatients are being treated for COVID-19.
  • 20 inpatients who are positive for COVID-19 are being treated in the ICU.
  • 10 who are positive for COVID-19 are on ventilators.
  • 576 (cumulative) have tested positive for COVID-19 including individuals from the ED, triage tent and inpatient. These individuals are not necessarily in the hospital.
  • 6,783 (cumulative) have tested negative at DCH sites.
  • 106 inpatients (cumulative) who were positive for COVID-19 have been discharged.
  • 30 inpatients (cumulative) who were positive for COVID-19 have died at DCH."

DCH also reports on, that there are still rooms available, especially ICU rooms.

"The most difficult rooms to source are ICU rooms, so they are a good measure of the current capacity. Between DCH Regional Medical Center (RMC) and Northport Medical Center, there are normally 72 ICU rooms. Eighteen additional rooms at RMC have been adapted for ICU use as needed. In total, that is up to 90 ICU beds that could be put into use at any given time. As of this morning, DCH had a total of 73 ICU rooms being used by patients including COVID-19 positive patients."

Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and wash behind your ears every now and then too. #WildBillShow #Tuscaloosa



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