Forget sweater weather season. It’s time to pull out the winter coats. The weather pattern for the next few days will be dominated by high pressure, leading to dry and mostly to partly sunny conditions.

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High temperatures are expected to remain on the cooler side, from mid to upper 50s until Thursday. The coldest night of the week will be tonight, with temperatures dropping into the 20s.

Tuesday High and Low Temps in West Alabama


High: 55 °F

Low: 26 °F


High: 53 °F

Low: 26 °F


High: 55 °F

Low: 28 °F


High: 55 °F

Low: 28 °F


High: 53 °F

Low: 25 °F


High: 55 °F

Low: 28 °F


High: 54 °F

Low: 28 °F


High: 57 °F

Low: 27 °F


High: 54 °F

Low: 28 °F


High: 53 °F

Low: 23 °F

Soaking Rain on the Way?

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Be prepared as conditions will then turn to “off and on soaking rainfall Friday through Sunday with total rainfall accumulations ranging from 1.25" in the northwest to as high as 5.5" in the southeast,” said the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

“The weekend won't be a total washout, but occasional rain is likely, and the rain could be heavy at times, especially over South Alabama,” said James Spann, ABC 33/40, and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Chief Meteorologist. Also, “a few thunderstorms are possible, but for now, severe storms look unlikely. Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s both days.”

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