No, no, no! Auburn?



Buc-ee's in Auburn before a Tuscaloosa location? This is a joke, right?

What does Auburn have that gives them any advantage over Tuscaloosa?

Absolutely nothing.

I will not rest until this crime against humanity is rectified, immediately. The place with the best nuts and brisket ever, could easily come to the old McFarland Mall location.

That’s an area that is currently a big time eyesore.

A Buc-ee's would be awesome at this location. Stan Pate, ARE YOU READING THIS?

We need you.

I am starting a petition to bring Buc-ee's to Tuscaloosa. Who is willing to join me and sign it?

Stan Pate is a friend of my radio partner, Steve Shannon, and has a meeting with him this week. If we can get folks to get behind this, we can present it to Stan and start some momentum for Buc-ee’s to come to Tuscaloosa.

Auburn is The Who’s Who of What’s Not Happening!

Just like the signs seen at many Auburn football road games say “We want Bama! Not their little brother!”
Buc-ee’s is also breaking ground on a location in Athens, Alabama. This would mark the fourth location in the state.

Sign the petition now!

The other incredible thing about locations are the massive amounts of fueling positions they have, typically over 100.

The Auburn location is going to have 120, in a 53,370 square foot space.
Buc-ee’s is based in Texas and does things that are Texas big. They have made a commitment to expand their stores throughout the Southeast.
It’s time for a Tuscaloosa location and the old McFarland Mall spot is perfect for the Buc-ee’s of Tuscaloosa. Who’s with me?

Tap the app and let me know your thoughts!
And, don’t forget to sign the petition above 👆

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