In recent years, Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones of course,  lit up the scoreboard at QB for the Crimson Tide.

As a fan, they won my heart. However, I've completely fallen for the first Alabama QB to ever win a Heisman Trophy.

Bryce Young.

Have you seen the way he carries himself?

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Humble, polite, classy and always ready to share his faith.

Just when I thought I couldn't love Bryce Young any more than I already do, I spoke with an "informant" at a Tuscaloosa restaurant. A place Bryce Young loves so much, and frequents so often, the restaurant owners signed him to a NIL deal.

As a columnist and radio host in West Alabama, I talk to lots and lots folks in town.

I would never want to get anyone in trouble for sharing information without authorization.

So, I will leave this server/employee nameless.

I love food, and most of us do. Bryce LOVES a meal at Logan's Roadhouse in Tuscaloosa, and I'm told,  he has it after a Crimson Tide victory.

I know some athletes have little superstitions and things they do before or after games.

If that's the case, Bryce Young is the GOAT of postgame rituals.

Now, here is Bryce Young's go-to meal after throwing a bunch of TD's on a Saturday.

Photo: Twitter/Logan's Roadhouse
Photo: Twitter/Logan's Roadhouse

That's my kind of Quarterback. I don't know what Tua or Mac loved to eat in Tuscaloosa, but a Prime Rib roast for six, gives me a new respect for our quarterback.

Bryce Young clearly knew how to "go through his progressions" on the Logan's menu.

Bryce also, I'm told, is a big fan of those buttery rolls

Photo: Twitter/Logan's Roadhouse
Photo: Twitter/Logan's Roadhouse


Can you believe that mouth-watering great looking prime rib meal is only a $100?

It feeds six people, or ONE Heisman winner and, maybe, a lineman or two.

Protein is a good thing for our boys to eat several times a week.

I know what I'm having this weekend...ok, and the weekend after.

I don't have any games on my schedule, so warm up the au jus and whip up some horseradish and I will pick up the beef.

Merry, merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year.

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