Does Bigfoot exist? What do you think?

I must admit, the documentaries on Bigfoot have made me think.

Why does Bigfoot always seem to be in Alabama? OR....

Georgia. Georgia, actually, is the top state for reported sightings.

Now this. Lake Harris Dam Trail.

Folks say they saw Bigfoot in the woods just a few days ago. It reportedly prompted calls to 911 services.

Below, listen to some of the witnesses that saw Bigfoot (we think).

Well, after the buzz, it soon became obvious what was happening.

Could it be pranksters? Someone with nothing to do?

The mystery deepens due to someone taking a "Bigfoot statue/replica/blow-up" into the woods.

That is what folks were seeing as they were in the area.

Alabama, of course, is the home to the annual bigfoot convention. And, supernatural too. We can not forget that part.

*Video from WVTM/Youtube

You gotta love some of the sightings and videos available. Some are silly, but others really do make me wonder.

*Video from WCNC/Youtube

Again, some of the documentaries have been very interesting.

I love the shows on the Travel Channel on these topics.

They do a great job and this is interesting evidence below.

*Video from Travel Channel/Youtube

It is definitely worth talking about in my view. But, I love the person that took the "Bigfoot statue or whatever" out into the woods. It was pretty funny.

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