I don't know the answer to that question, because I don't study alligators.

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However, after an 11-foot gator attacked and killed a man in the south earlier this week, comes word on the increased "hostility" directed at humans.

The attack was described as "vicious" in the report from South Carolina.

Somehow, the alligator was able to pull the man into a retention pond and that was all she wrote.

Now, us humans aren't the only ones at risk.

A 9-foot alligator attacked a family's dog recently and "took him down like it was nothing".

According to A-Z Animals, Lake Eufala, Lake Forest and Big Creek Lake are lakes that have an "abundance" of gators in them.

Not all alligators are here to eat us for lunch. Like this one, who just wanted to play a round of golf.

Or this alligator found under a car. What? Under a car is what I said.

However, I don't think we should protest too much here in Alabama.

We could live in California, with Mountain Lions who walk into school classrooms when they want.

Maybe alligators aren't so bad...as long as we don't end up on their dinner plate.

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