Up by 30 points with 20 seconds remaining in regulation, Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban could be seen completely losing his mind at the officials over what he felt was a poor defensive pass interference call against Malachi Moore in the end zone.

The team had done a good job of playing disciplined football most of the evening and the defense was trying to hang on and secure a shut out after giving up more than 50 points for the first time since 1907 last week, when the call gave Mississippi State the ball at the 2-yard line with 20 seconds to play.

Saban's lips can be read fairly plainly as he screams "f--- you guys" at the officials in response to the call.

Alabama Fans are sure to love the show of passion from their coach. Saban has had his fair share of explosive tirades on the sideline in his time in Tuscaloosa, and they're usually well received.

When Alabama men's basketball head coach Nate Oats famously shouted "get the f--- out" to the LSU bench after winning the SEC men's basketball tournament, fans jokingly called for the moment to be hung in the Louvre.

Perhaps they'll want to hang Saban's moment from Saturday next to it.

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