Just when I thought the weirdness of 2023 was gone for good...

Now this happens. An Alabama teenager was watching a movie at an Alabama AMC Theatres location and got the shock of his young life.

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The teenager was trying to catch one of the big movies at the moment while eating some theatre popcorn. The young man's name is Ayden.


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He reached into his popcorn bucket at the AMC Mobile 16 when he felt something furry.

You should never feel something furry in the popcorn bucket.

According to our source in Mobile, Alabama, Ayden and company found it somewhat amusing.


I don't know if I would find it funny to have a rat in my popcorn.


Oh, yeah, that is a picture of rats, snakes and other vermin that some folks EAT in other countries around the world. Nice, huh?


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Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of finding critters and such in our food.

When I was a youngster, my older brother, found a cockroach (dead at least) in his can of Hormel chili.

I will never forget the outcome of that experience after calling Hormel and the FDA. My brother was told "We have the legal right for our products to contain up to 2% filler".

That's extremely unsettling to hear and think about. Ayden not only felt the furry rat, it BIT him while in the theatre.

Can anyone say lawsuit?

I know, at the moment he and his family claim it's amusing but how long will they find it funny?

Probably right up to the point a seasoned lawyer makes contact.


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