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I grew up in a home where we always closed our bedroom doors at night. Frankly, I took it for granted.

Now safety experts say closing bedroom doors when it comes to safety is vital.


The most important reason for closing your bedroom door at night is surviving a house fire.

Closing your door may not seem like a big deal, but in the event of a house fire, it could give you more time to escape the flames.


Years ago, the average time to escape a house fire was 17 minutes. Now, it’s down to three minutes.

Closing your bedroom door could save a life. A closed door can hold off flames. Experiments have proven it.

In fact, a nationwide campaign relating to fire safety used the slogan “Close before you doze”.

When you think about it, closing bedroom doors at night just makes sense.

Tips To Protect Yourself While You Sleep

Protecting yourself while you sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Here are some tips to help you feel safe and secure while you rest:

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  1. Secure Your Home: Ensure that all doors and windows are locked before going to bed. Consider installing deadbolts, security cameras, or an alarm system for added protection.
  2. Keep Emergency Items Nearby: Have a flashlight, phone, and any necessary medications within reach in case of emergencies during the night.
  3. Use Nightlights: Place nightlights in hallways, bathrooms, and other areas you may need to navigate during the night to prevent tripping or falling.
  4. Consider a Security System: If you live alone or in an area with a higher risk of break-ins, consider installing a security system with monitoring capabilities for added peace of mind.
  5. Keep Doors Locked: Lock bedroom doors if you feel safer doing so, especially if you live in a shared living situation.
  6. Consider a Pet: Having a pet can provide companionship and a sense of security while you sleep. Dogs, in particular, can alert you to potential dangers.

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