This is just the news I wanted to hear today.

That is what we call sarcasm!


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I am highly allergic to bee stings of any kind.

How many of you are so bad, you carry an Epi-pen?


Sometimes I forget to have it with me and that is not good.

It goes back to an attack I endured at the age of seven. I stumbled across an underground nest.


Photo by Bee Safe on Unsplash
Photo by Bee Safe on Unsplash


I'll never forget the pain of being stung over 30 times.

I passed out and friends ran to get my parents' attention and get me to an ER.


If you're allergic you can relate to the fear of these winged insects in Alabama.

Now, comes word of a warning to the citizens of Alabama for three months, mostly, starting with this month.


Yellowjacket SUPER NESTS.

Before we go any further, take a look at some photos of super nests in Alabama.

This nest is so large, it fills up the interior of the classic Chevy!


Photo: Charles Ray/Live Science
Photo: Charles Ray/Live Science


I'm not too fond of the looks of that.


These super nests can have over 15,000 insects inside, waiting to defend the queen.

It is not the first time for our state to be warned of these huge nests being built.


In 2006, nearly 100 of these nests were found in Alabama, according to CBS News.

Now, it is happening once again.


Listen below to one of the Alabama-based experts on the topic, as he explains what these "hornets" can do to you or your family.

Plus, you'll hear about an Alabama woman who was attacked by these hornets after finding a "super nest" on the side of her house.

These dang super nests are MY worst nightmare.

If you spot one on the side of your house, what should you do?


Well, whatever you do, DO NOT SPRAY IT.

Products like Raid will only serve to anger the hornets and they will come after you.


In addition, they can "radio" their buddies to assist in attacking you or your family.

BE CAREFUL. The number of bees could severely injure a child or even kill one.

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