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Below are some tips to help prevent body odor and keep kids smelling fresh:

The teacher, who ask to remain anonymous, said “Parents make sure your middle school kids take a shower before they come to school.

I Took a Bath With My Daughter and I Don’t Think It’s That Weird

They start stinking about age 11 and they don’t realize it. I walk into my classroom and it’s like getting hit in the nose with a baseball bat of ass!”



The teacher wrote that she understands that some kids have bad home situations and don’t get to take regular showers. But she added, “All kids smell once puberty hits”.

Parents responded telling us their kids don’t want to take showers or wear deodorant.  Other parents told us their kids, usually boys, overuse spray on deodorants like Axe Body Spray. Puberty plus too much Axe Body Spray is a strong, not so pleasant,  combination.


Teachers responded to the message telling us that they face, or smell, the same odors in their classroom.

One teacher at a Tuscaloosa Middle School says she has to turn on a fan and open all the classroom windows.


Whatever happened to required showers after gym class?
It worked back in my day.

Parents, please give your kid a sniff test before they leave in the morning.  And teachers might invest in a candle or two. Perhaps a can of Glade.

Zoonar RF

And remember the descriptive words of the middle school teacher who contacted us. “It’s like getting hit in the nose with a baseball bat of ass”.

Here are some tips to help prevent body odor and keep kids smelling fresh:

Keeping kids clean and fresh involves establishing good hygiene habits and maintaining a clean environment.

  1. Establish a Bathing Routine: Encourage kids to bathe regularly, ideally daily or as needed depending on their level of activity and sweat. Use mild soap and shampoo suitable for their skin type.
  2. Teach Proper Washing Techniques: Teach kids to thoroughly wash their bodies, including areas prone to odor such as armpits, feet, and groin. Emphasize the importance of using soap and water to remove sweat and bacteria.
  3. Provide Clean Clothing: Ensure kids have clean clothes to wear each day. Teach them to change into fresh underwear, socks, and clothing after bathing or whenever their clothes become sweaty or dirty.
  4. Choose Breathable Fabrics: Opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton, which allow air circulation and help prevent sweat buildup. Avoid synthetic materials that trap moisture and can contribute to body odor.
  5. Use Antiperspirant or Deodorant: Once kids reach an appropriate age, introduce them to antiperspirants or deodorants to help control sweat and odor. Choose products specifically formulated for children with gentle ingredients.
  6. Encourage Proper Foot Care: Teach kids to keep their feet clean and dry, especially after physical activity. Have them wear clean socks and well-ventilated shoes to prevent foot odor and fungal infections.
  7. Promote Dental Hygiene: Bad breath can be a source of odor. Encourage kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day, floss regularly, and use mouthwash to maintain fresh breath and oral health.
  8. Provide Healthy Nutrition: A balanced diet can help reduce body odor. Encourage kids to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while limiting sugary and processed foods that can contribute to odor.
  9. Address Hygiene Concerns Gently: If you notice body odor or hygiene issues, address them calmly and sensitively. Teach kids the importance of maintaining good hygiene habits without causing embarrassment or shame.
  10. Lead by Example: Children learn best by example, so demonstrate good hygiene practices in your own daily routine. Make hygiene a positive and routine part of family life.

By incorporating these tips into your child's daily routine and providing guidance and encouragement, you can help them maintain good hygiene habits and stay fresh-smelling.

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