What you are about to read and see is disturbing to many people.

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It really shouldn't be. I understand why it is, but no thirteen-year-old should ever have to go through this kind of life of torment.

The video you will see, in just a moment, is also disturbing.

I want to make sure that you have been properly warned about what you will see.

An upcoming HBO documentary will expand on the story of this family living in Alabama.

I hope that someone might see this story and have the resources to do something about it.

Amare Stover was born and raised in Alabama.

The Stover family has asked that we not give information on the exact city they currently reside in.

The video you are about to see will, in part, be featured in the upcoming documentary.

It was shot by a film crew working for Meta (Facebook) and could be unsettling for some viewers.




@truestories149 Born different. A little boy born with a birth defect navigating life. #documentary#tumors#truestory#health♬ original sound - TrueStorys
*Video from TikTok/@truestories149
It's hard to watch Amare as he goes through his daily life.
Not because he looks scary, but because you just can't help but feel for him.
In recent months, friends of Amare's mother, Kandice, set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for his medical condition.
The goal was to reach $120,000 and as of now, the total raised is $907,950.
I hope that somehow a medical professional is touched by the story and can help Amare live a normal life.
 Or, at least something that allows him to be a carefree teenage boy.

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