Trolling My Children
When my boys got out of school earlier in the week, I was pretty confident their minds were on nothing but getting to one of their electronic devices.
They inherited their rabid dedication to all things technological and, while I'm hardly one to pass judgement, I couldn't resist poking a little fun a…
Life360 Tracks Your Family
When kids get old enough to venture out without us, we worry. With the smartphone revolution, if you allow your kid to have one, it became easier to keep up. Less worry right?
Kids and Tonka Trucks
The weather was beautiful this evening. I relaxed in the back yard with my 3 year old, Brody. I watched him from my Alabama folding chair play with his Tonka truck. He gathered some clover and piled up dirt to make a load.
Is Your Child Safe?
What have you done to protect your child today? I had to ask myself that question almost two weeks ago when I received news from my friend, Debbie Bolton, that her granddaughter was air lifted from DCH to Children's Hospital in Birmingham due to an injury. This particular type of injury doesn&a…