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Did you know we have SIX venomous, deadly snakes in Alabama? Many Alabamians are aware of this fact.


The Eastern coral snake is very evil, very venomous and we have them right here, in Alabama.

They are often under leaves, logs, or stumps. They spend much of their time buried under things.

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We also have the copperhead snake in Alabama.

This is one of the most common snakes you will find in our state.

They are usually found in forests with bluffs and ravines.

The copperhead eats lizards, frogs, mice, moles, and even small birds.


You will also find the cottonmouth snake in Alabama.

It is the only venomous aquatic snake in America!

Aquatic and snake are two words I don't like seeing together.

These suckers inhabit swamps, streams, ponds and road side drainage ditches.


We round out the venomous snake list with rattlesnakes (timber, pigmy and eastern Diamondback) in Alabama.

That is enough of that.

It's gonna take awhile to get that photo out of my mind.

Photo: Twitter/@BearGrylls
Photo: Twitter/@BearGrylls

I think most would agree after looking at that photo.

That damage was caused by a member of the pit viper "family" (not my family) of snakes, this was known as a "fer-de-lance". The victim? A producer on the show "Naked & Afraid" while scouting a location they planned to use on the hit show.

A few years back, right here in Alabama, a snake bite caused a man to experience paralysis. Down right scary!

Speaking of Alabama, I did not even know that we have Coral snakes here in Alabama.

This is the story of that snake incident, below.

*Photo from Facebook/Corey Williams

Where can you get a case of this stuff in Alabama?

Photo: Facebook/Al-Saif Pharmacy

We are headed into the worst months for bites from those slithering beasts in our state of Alabama.

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