I encourage you to read a great article written by Matt Zenith today about Alabama D-Line coach and how he was known as the "Human Battering Ram" because of his ability to break down doors.

The story begins with a shootout in 1996, and Dunbar's wife said find a new job after a drug bust turned into a crazy gunfight.  Dunbar's wife was tired of the constant danger he faced as an undercover narcotics officer and demanded he find another job. The following Monday he started coaching high school football, which led him to the NFL and now Tuscaloosa.

Today, Dunbar is one of the nation's top defensive line coaches, a respected veteran entering his second season with Alabama.  According to AL.com most don't know that Dunbar was once an undercover police officer known as the Human Battering Ram because of his ability to break down doors.

I LOVE this story and really admire Coach Karl Dunbar and the work ethic and integrity he brings to my team, The Alabama Crimson Tide!!!

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